About StuCo

Littlefield High School's student council is a great organization to be a part of! The council is responsible for many of the school's activities, and also enjoys serving our community! Some of our past projects include:
Helping with Global Youth Day
Participating in routine campus clean-ups
Collecting coats before winter to donate to the needy
Providing a local family in need with a Thanksgiving meal
Providing toys for local children in need
Buying and delivering toys to the UMC Children's Hospital
Weatherizing homes for elderly or fmailies in need
Numerous energy saving and environment conservation projects
Numerous drug, alcohol, and tobacco awareness projects
Various projects to promote pride in our school, our community, and our country
and many many more!!
To keep up-to-date in our trainings we attend many events to gain new ideas throughout the year.
We elect officers each year to represent the council as well as the student body, however members are welcome at any time during the school year! Meetings take place every other Tuesday at 12:40 in Mrs. Shelley's room.