Band Programs

6th Grade Band Program

These students are tested the end of their 5th grade year.  This gives the directors an idea of which instrument the sixth graders will be successful playing.  Our six graders are separated into 2 classes, woodwind and percussion instruments and any type of brass instrument. We (directors) team teach these classes. By working together to teach these classes, we can make sure they are closely watched and given as much one on one help as possible.  We are proud of our beginner band students and the approach taken to teach our future band members.

7th & 8th Grade Band Members

After completing 6th grade band our students have the opportunity to audition for the top Littlefield Jr. High School Band.  On this level there are two bands. 

  LJHS Maroon Honors Band

The top band; Maroon Honors, is by audition only.  The Maroon Honors Band competes at UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest.  They also travel to  Amarillo yearly where they compete in The Greater Southwest Music Festival. Maroon Honors Band has competed in the TMEA (Texas Music Educators Association) Honors Band Competition.  The 2015-2016 band earned 3rd Place in the Class C Honor Band Competition.

  This band also competes in the ATSSB (Association of Texas Small School Bands) competition for what is known as OPS (Outstanding Performance Series and has won many awards in this competition, The Maroon Honors Band is directed by Miss Gina Muela for the past 13 years. She is proudly beginning her 14th year with this school district. 

Maroon Band

The rest of the7th & 8th Grade students enrolled in the Jr High Band Program are members of this band.  These students do not compete on the same level as Maroon Honors.  This band performs along with Maroon Honors in the fall.  We have weekly pep rallies.  Maroon Band is a major part of this performance.  Maroon Band competes in the spring of each school year.  They have traveled to Lubbock and Abernathy to compete in their yearly band festival.  This band is directed by Mr. Mark Halamicek. Mr. H is beginning his 4th year with the school district.

High School Band

The high school band is known as the Marchin' Cats. There is only one performing band at this level.  This band competes in UIL Marching, Concert, and Sightreading Contest.  The band has earned a trip to the UIL State Marching Contest in San Antonio the past 4 times they were eligible.  This band has earned 13 consecutive UIL Sweepstake Awards. This band is directed by Bonnie Anderson. She is beginning her 24th year with the school district.

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